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Urban Taste Haarlem

My experience always look for the hidden shops. Sjakie’s is one of those, in de Breestraat in Haarlem. In this shop you find the most beautiful chaos we have ever seen. It’s  stuffed with funny, colourfull and happy things, that my wallet is burning in my pocket. On top you  can have a lovely coffee and a biological sandwich right in the middle of all this hysteria of sustainable design.  A lot of products are living their second life in this shop. Lamps made out of recycled material and the famous chairs from Piet Hein Eek, who uses scrap wood. Famous designers are mixed with ‘prullaria’ in a lunchroom, an interesting combination that makes Sjakie’s one of my favorites. Indescribable how much fun this shop is! Do yourself a favor adn  check out the Sjakies taste yourself.

Breestraat 34