Urban Taste Haarlem

Moise, this is where you can buy exclusive fashion design  in a very peacefull atmosphere. The Scandinavian minimalism bring you back to the essence of Simplify. Not all brands are sustainable or biological, but when you think about quality and good products that last a long time, you may think of the brands that Moise sells.
There is one brand that I would like to pay some attention to; Rabens Saloner. Most of their items are manufactured in the Far East, where they give familiy business a fair price for their goods. Rabens Saloner wants to promote sustainability and craftmanship. But, not only do they produce in a fair way, they also have very beautiful products in their collection. A funny detail to mention is the way that Moise wants to contribute in sustainable design. The clothes hangers that they use are leftovers from the previous store located at this location. They wrapped them in the most cheapest bandage and it looks like the most expensive clothes hangers I’ve ever seen!

Warmoestraat 12