Urban Taste Rotterdam

Intensively good taste, an interior with a soul and dedicated service. Mangiare is a real authentic Italian traiteur-restaurant-lunchroom all in one. The very charming ladies served me the best lunch ever, the grilled vegetables on a ‘boterham’ from the Vlaamsch Broodhuys made my day. A view at the kitchen told me all about the passion they have for cooking at Mangiare. Talking to miss Kan I found out that you can come and learn about the Italian kitchen. On the second floor of this cozy restaurant is a proffesional kitchen where fans can learn how to make this incredably Italian food.
The service must be so dedicated because all employees cook, serve and give the workshops. 95% Of all the dishes are home made, I can imagine working here must be satisfying. Mangiare fulfills the need of Rotterdam to taste some real food, and intesify you’re senses.

Van Oldenbarneveltstraat 150