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Work on Collaboration! Thats the future!

Work on Collaboration! Thats the future! Thats the philosophy of the  innovative Hubshop. Cathelijne and Milla, the founders, developed a ‘rent a box’ conceptstore to strength designers to market their designs. The idea for this shop was born when Cathelijne wanted to sell imported fairtrade accessorize from India, but couldn’t find shops that wanted to invest. The conceptidea is to give small fairtrade importeurs and creative designers a platform to expose and sell their sustainable products. The shared thought between all products is their special story. Some products are more designy then others, some boxes needs a little bit more visual merchandising but the store is real atmospheric. Cathelijne and Milla make it feel like a comfortable surrounding. The Hubshop is a social concept, which helps sustainable labels to anchor in retail. Esgii is one of the fairtrade labels, they import felt accessorize from Mongolie. The cute, colourfull accessorize are organic and handmade. Dr. Stuart’s  beautifull teaboxes with surealistic illustrations, are also represented by the Hubshop. The funny characters that represent the different taste. Delicious Urban Taste.


Nieuwe Binnenweg195 B, Rotterdam