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Urban Taste Haarlem

This very petite shop has got some very big ideas. Joost Hoes, the owner of this snackbar new style, used to be a cook in exclusive restaurants. No he is the cook of his own special ‘hoes’. Friethoes is a combination of french fries and the surname of Joost. But hoes also means house. So in this french fries house you can buy biological fries, a innovative concept in the best spot in town. His guest visit Joost specially because of his biological products. But also because of the location near the central station of Haarlem he gets a bigger audience. When the harvest is good, the fries are made of biological grown potatoes. He bakes his fries in natural oils and even the mayonaise is home made and biological. If you like for your  fries to do some good to nature? Come to Friethoes and enjoy!

Kruisweg 43