Kiboots: The Sustainable Fashion Hit

In Januari Urban Fair met two inspiring social entrepreneurs: Jovanna Kruitbosch and Martijn Lugtigheid. Founders of the sustainable fashion hit KIBOOTS.

KIBOOTS are colourful handmade boots made by skilled artisans that combine vintage kilim rugs and leather in a unique way. The original boots were made back in the ’60 when hippies enjoyed the freedom of roadtripping around the country. Not from commercial or “green” point of view, just out of saving cost locals turned old kilim carpets and leather leftovers into boots.

Travel the world, explore new places, new products…old habits

During the many trips Martijn and Jovanna made, they got inspired by products and crafts from local artisans. “What we were missing in fashion were authentic, affordable products made with love and care.” Their commitment to sustainability and their believe in original rare products are the basis for their unique fashion accessorize label.

KIBOOTS has a perfect fit with today’s fashion with it’s bohemian vintage feeling. They combines that with recycling and green manufacturing techniques. The boots brings a cultural herritage from traditional Maroccan handcrafts and cultural symbols woven in the vintage carpets. The concept of Kiboots is authentic and will survive the test of time. That’s exactly what Urban Fair means with Urban Taste and sustainable design! Check for the new spring collection!

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