Ubuntu Charity Auction Dinner

Last week Urban Fair was invited for the Ubuntu Charity Auction Dinner in Westerunie.

Creativity and personal potential are the thriving spirits of Ubuntu. The theme off the charity night was ‘Express yourself’. All guest activated their creative talent by shaping their ideas into a ceramic peace of art guided by ‘Kleiduifjes’ or unfolded their musical talent in a Djembee workshop by Basile Maneka http://www.basile.nl/

Agus Hermawan, chef of restaurant Blauw created and sponsored a delicious 5 course dinner. This beautiful evening, the generous guest donated together 105.544 euro. Thanks to the amazing auctioneer Frederik Baerveldt.

Ubuntu Talent Organisation supports 4 talent programmes in Honduras, Indonesia, Johannesburg and Cape Town. Renske Hofman, founding father of Ubuntu proudly presented the new website and name Ubuntu Talent Organisation. In 7 years Ubuntu growthed from a dream to a professional talent organisation with the Ubuntu Performance art & Design academy in Cape Town. Anna Drijver and Leona Philippo are the ambassadors of Ubuntu and they support the Ubuntu Academy by their own performing talents.

Social change:  I am because you are. Ubuntu creates a positive social change through the talents and dreams of youth, guided by the philosophy of Ubuntu. Ubuntu means: I am because you are.  It is a way of life that creates social impact. The expression Ubuntu helps us to remember we are all the same in essence. Ubuntu uses Performing Arts and Design as a powerful tool to stimulates talented young people to develop their unique talent and realize their potential.

KUYICHI x UBUNTU by SIT. Lisa Ottevanger, the thriving spirit behind the Ubuntu Design, presented the new creative collaboration with the artist SIT x KUYICHI. Urban Fair supports this fantastic initiative of Ubuntu Design with her photography and PR and marketing strategy.

Read more about Ubuntu and the inspiring projects for social change!


http://www.ubuntutalent.org  |  http://www.kuyichi.com  |  http://www.sitnie.com