Ontwerp op de weg

Urban Inspiration Haarlem

A mix of designers, all located in Haarlem, came up with the brilliant ¬†idea of a foundation that they called HOOG. Haarlem is a great city, but the design culture could be much better. So they organised the 2nd edition of ¬†‘Ontwerp op de Weg’ Design on the Road. A nice initiative is the design walk by the windows of famous shopping streets where designers exposed their products and ideas. The event also contains a design workshop to understand the ¬†processing of an design concept.

The concept store is a pop up store where you can actually buy, the exposed products. Differtent Dutch Designers create sustainable products. For instance: jewelery made out of left overs of industrial materials, bags made out of pure wool and vegetable tanned leather. Most product designers are known for their predictive designs. That is why most designs allready are very sustainable. The key of future design will definitly be sustainability!

Ontwerp op de weg conceptstore
Groter Markt