‘Fresh Generation’ Textile VIEW

‘Fresh generation’

2013 The world did not end. Instead we entered a new episode, the decade of transition. We reinvent ourselves in the way we live, the way we eat, the way we design. We create new chances, new patterns. We slowly change, detox old habits. Like a little stone that change the river flow. A fresh generation constructs a new sustainable landscape. They draw new lines to create the blue ocean and blue economy. This fresh generation entrepreneurs build new leads to cultivate a better world. Take a natural bite and discover….What will be your catch?


About 1,5 year ago David Shah and I met at a trend meeting of the CBI, the Dutch ministry of foreign affairs. After this interesting meet up, Urban Fair start working on a regular base for Textile VIEW and the colour & trend forecast community                Pantone | VIEW. Last January Textile VIEW celebrated her 25 year anniversary. Urban Fair created the cover photo’s and the concept story of the Textile VIEW 2013. This month we proudly present our first cover: ‘The Fresh generation’. Really happy that our sustainable vision and inspiring trend photography got a world wide platform.



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