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Urban Life


We love the inspiring urban life and the energy of the city. We love the urban taste, the urban inspiration and the possibilities that the city offers.This inspiring urban life creates also special needs and we are trying to adjust to this hectic urban rhythm.

Urban Fair believes in the NEW SUSTAINABILITY: a new rhythm, products with TRUE added VALUE and a intensively good taste. We believe that sustainable urban DESIGN is the key answer to the devaluation of our products and will CHANGE the volatility & superficiality in our retail and our consuming society.

Urban Fair scouts for sustainable and fairtrade products with inspiring urban design. We scout for nice places and pure products with intensively good taste. We picture creative environments and interesting entrepreneurs who DESIGN the CHANGE. We picture cultural inspiration and urban trends that CAPTURES the CREATIVE ENERGY.

Welcome to our Urban Trend Blogg. Be inspired by a Creative Sustainable Urban Lifestyle. Join us… meet more inspiring people at Facebook. Feel free to inspire us at inspire@urbanfair.net

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