STUB 001 : Finding Identity Within

STUB: A metaphor for the beginning of a movement ‘finding identity within’

STUB001 is een ‘global talent exchange & design project’ en een bijzondere samenwerking tussen het sustainable denim label Kuyichi, de Ubuntu Academy Cape Town en de Amsterdamse kunstenaar SIT.  De studenten van de academy zijn ‘risico’ jongeren uit de townships die de kans krijgen hun talent en creatieve identiteit te ontwikkelen. De designs van de studenten worden vertaald naar unieke graphics voor een limited design collection voor Kuyichi  SS 2015

STUB001 maakt deel uit van het officiële programma van World Design Capital 2014: Live Design | Transform Life. STUB start elk kunst en design proces vanuit het talent en de identiteit van het individu. Ook creëert STUB nieuwe kansen voor bedrijven die design willen inzetten voor social impact en economic change!

Urban Fair gelooft in ondernemen vanuit je eigen identiteit en vanuit een sustainable gedachtegoed. Daarom heeft Urban Fair zich als fotograaf verbonden aan STUB. Wij zijn trots dat we partner zijn van zo’n inspirerend en impact vol project!

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What is STUB? STUB is a co-creating, design-driven journey. STUB uses art & design as tools to give talented young people from cities in emerging and underdeveloped regions an opportunity to find their own identity… from within. Through talent and creativity they are guided to successfully develop micro businesses and to lead their communities to transform. STUB believes positive development can be achieved through creativity – individually as well as on a socio-economic level – where freedom for daring expression deserves space to push boundaries.

STUB’s vision  STUB offers the students the chance to get in touch with her/his true identity…STUB aims to bring inspiration and motivation to the next generation to open unique doors to our common future.

STUB; A metaphor for the beginning of a movement ‘finding identity within’.

STUB’s approach :STUB approaches each project differently based on country and unique context. Every project will be accompanied by a different artist to feed creativity from different angles and with different methods. In collaboration with diverse partners and sponsors STUB commits to their philosophy. STUB works in a ‘natural’ process to see, feel and understand exactly where and how to contribute. STUB promises a movement with no prede- termined goals. Creativity can only flow when all possibilities are kept open. STUB is the beginning of a movement where the intentions are clear, the outcome unknown.

STUB and sustainable business STUB is a pioneer that embraces social, economic and environmental mandates. We believe that arts, creativity and entrepreneurship can uplift, empower and transform. STUB is a beautiful example of a sustainable business model in which talent, creativity and profit are created and exchanged. All partners share the same values and philosophy in these design-focused adventures. We embed identity, stories and passion into everything we create.

We are open to engage with partners across the creative industries, (online) media, brands and social entrepreneurs to initiate new projects and move the story of STUB forward. Say hello and share ideas.

Sharing stories in the World Design Capital 2014. STUB001 is a WDC project under the theme ‘bridging the divide’. As South-African and Dutch collaboration across industries and organizations the students are given a global platform that truly bridges divides. As part of the WDC they become part of a story that connects beyond countries and borders, that shares perspectives and opportunities, and that gives a stage on a new horizon.

STUB001 began with a launch event in Amsterdam where renowned artist SIT exhibited his self-portraits. This was the starting point of a 2-week design process in which SIT challenges students of the Ubuntu Academy Cape Town to find their own creative identity. Selected artworks will be used by Dutch fashion brand Kuyichi as print- designs for a new t-shirt collection S’ 2015. The designs will spread around Europe, from Amsterdam-Berlin-Stockholm to Cape Town. In March 2013 a first t-shirt range was already successfully co-created with the students and as a result exhibited at the Berlin Bread & Butter fashion trade show. This collection is selling in stores in Europe. 100% profit, generated through this collaboration, is being used for STUB001, our second collaborative design adventure.


Photography: Helene Vogelaar, Urban Fair