‘Oud amsterdamsch plastic visschen’

Last week-end we did a ‘fun & dirty’ job and participated the Plastic Whale event ‘Oud Amsterdamsch Plastic Visschen’. Together with 50 boats and almost 1000 people we cleaned up the Amsterdam canals. Instead of enjoying the beautiful canals with a glass of wine in our hand, we took a fishnet and cleaned up the plastic trash floating in canals.

The plastic soup has become a worldwide problem and a threats our oceans and their inhabitants. Plastic Whale is an initiative of Marius Smit in order to make a start to clean up the plastic trash and inspire people to do the same. A small change in behaviour will create a big impact.

With this event Plastic Whale wants to show the value of plastic trash. The PET bottle are collected and recycled and to build a beautiful new plastic boat. You can support the creation of the boat by crowd funding. Do you want to know about the plastic soup and the impact? http://plasticsoupfoundation.org or http://www.plasticwhale.com