Building the future industry | La Futura 2013

Last week on 11-11 Urban Fair joined La Futura 2013. With an amazing view over Amsterdam and a curious view trough Google Glass, we started the trend ‘un’conference: NOW NEW NEXT at the Sky lounge of the Double tree hotel. The next day at PLLEK, NDSM wharf, a crowd of international trend forecasters & futurist  worked on ‘Building the future industry’. No inspiring trend presentations or keynote speakers but sharing our knowledge and working methods to move the trend business forward to a mature and transparent industry.

Why is future thinking so important? There is a transition going on. We are moving from the industrial revolution, through the digital revolution to the innovation revolution. This transition has a huge impact on the way we live and the way we run our business. Now and in the future. That’s why we need change makers: entrepreneurs and future proof brands that are able to create new frameworks, innovative products and business models.

A beautiful tweet from @Streetwise inspiration: ‘What the world needs are change agents. Those who are more interested in leaving the stage better than they met it’

What makes a trend professional a good futurist? Trend professionals are able to work on an intuitive level and see the actual needs behind the direct question of their customer or their end customer. They cannot predict the future but they have the ‘eye’ for the unfolded tribes and are able to make the ‘undercurrent’ tangible. Trend professionals teach you how to work with trends and guide in this ‘infinite’ process to stay connected with tomorrow’s consumer and stay relevant for them and the society.

Change your mind-set, connect with the future. Conclusion of the day: Future thinking is a mind-set: a way of connecting with the world around us in order to sustain your business. It requires an open-minded character, curiosity, but also a strong identity and a realistic and cultural backbone. It requires a future vision and a clear view to the horizon.

That’s why we ended the future ‘un’ conference with a bite of cultural heritage and enjoyed a farewell breakfast at the Rijksmuseum.

Special thanks to Caroline van Beekhoff, Erica Bol, Djenny Brugmans, Siang-Lan Go, Monica Kiezebrink and Hilde Roothart for organizing this great event!

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